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Even with proper home care and regular checkups, dental problems may arise that require more involved treatment. As our patient, you can expect the utmost in care from our skilled, experienced staff before, during, and after any surgical procedure. Your health and comfort are always our primary concern.

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We offer treatments for majority of your dental surgeries.

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  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

    Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common dental procedures; most people will have at least one of their wisdom teeth removed, and often all four are extracted to prevent complications.

    We will keep a close eye on your developing wisdom teeth, watching for any potential issues and suggesting treatment where necessary. We aim for the highest level of comfort and the quickest recovery time possible after a wisdom tooth extraction, and pride ourselves on timing.

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  • Root Canal Therapy

    Root canal therapy is a relatively minor procedure used to replace the damaged root of a tooth, saving the tooth and eliminating the need for the need for an extraction. Its reputation for causing pain is entirely undeserved—in fact, it’s very similar to receiving a routine filling.

    Anything that causes significant damage to the tooth may also cause severe root damage. Decay, cracking, and physical trauma are all capable of destroying a root, which will lead to tooth loss if not treated promptly. Root canal therapy is preferable over an extraction when the root is unsalvageable but the tooth is still relatively intact. In addition to being more cost-effective, a root canalled tooth is generally lower maintenance than a prosthetic, and maintains the look, feel, and function of the natural tooth.

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  • Periodontal Surgery

    The procedure by which the anomalies of the gum or surrounding bones of a diseased area is reshaped or reduced to create a normal functional form. The periodontal surgery is indicated when the gum disease is extensive and can not be treated by usual dental scaling and cleanings.

    Sometimes it would be necessary to refer out the complicated or advanced periodontal treatments to a Periodontal specialist (Periodontist), after the dentist initial examination.

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