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Grown-up care for even the tiniest teeth provided by your Vancouver pediatric dentist at Broadway Dental!

Strong, healthy adult teeth depend on proper home care and regular checkups while teeth are developing. We strive to provide a fun, educational environment for young patients and their parents, protecting their new teeth from tooth decay and other dental pitfalls for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Regular exams, professional cleaning, and oral hygiene education form the core of our pediatric dentistry program in Vancouver. At each regular checkup, tartar will be removed from the child’s teeth, which will then be polished and treated with fluoride. We strive to make this as positive and pain-free an experience as possible, so that children can feel good about their trips to our office. They will also see the pediatric dentist at regular appointments, who will monitor their oral development by examining their teeth and gums, cheeks, tongue, and jaws.

Finally, we’ll go over a proper home care routine, providing instruction on brushing and flossing your child’s teeth. Depending on your child’s age, we’ll also discuss sippy cups, pacifiers, thumb sucking, injury prevention, and the importance of diet to a healthy mouth. We believe in empowering children to take charge of their own dental health, and will begin teaching them to brush, floss, and care for their own teeth once they are old enough to do so.

Because children are especially prone to cavities, an exam and cleaning should be completed once every six months, starting at their first birthday or at the appearance of their first tooth—whichever comes sooner.


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