Oral Health Tips for Children

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Oral health can save a person a lot of money, time and future heartache. But why is it especially important to make sure that your children’s teeth are healthy? Because children are in the process of developing their adult teeth, therefore dental hygiene is essential. ‘Baby teeth,’ more often than not, decay before the adult teeth even come out. Parents have a large amount of control over what goes into their child’s mouth – whether their child is still a baby or a toddler.

Good Habits

Teeth Brushing

As parents, you have the responsibility to teach your children good habits. And if you do so, they should have healthy teeth for life. One of the most obvious good habits is brushing your teeth daily. Although this may come across as natural to you, this practice is foreign to your children. At the young age of three, children should be getting instruction on brushing techniques. Make sure you are one hundred percent certain that the child can brush their teeth properly on their own before you leave them to their own devices. And at the age of six, the parents can introduce flossing to their kids. Keep in mind that it is good if your water contains fluoride. If it doesn’t, it is advisable to seek out a supplement.

Regular dental appointments for kids are also important. His/her first dental appointment should take place after a year. From then on, the dentist offices should be visited at least every six months. Many people wait until the child goes to school before taking them to the dentist in Vancouver, BC. Or even worse, parents wait until there is a problem before practicing preventive dentistry. This is never good. Children should start learning from a very young age that dental health is important.

Bad Habits

Have you ever seen a mother clean her baby’s pacifier in her mouth, or perhaps in a sugary liquid? If so, this is probably the worst thing a parent can do for her child. The bacteria found in the mother’s mouth will be passed on to the baby, who has an already weak immune system. Also, sugary foods should be avoided altogether for children – the sugar increases the chances of tooth decay. Starch and sugary foods produce plaque acids that cause tooth decay, therefore it is good to keep your children on a balanced diet. In that way, you can make sure they are receiving the right nutrients while avoiding the bad stuff, all at the same time.

When an Accident Happens

But what happens if the child chips or knocks out one of their teeth? Often it is natural for new mothers to become anxious when something like that happens. The easiest and simplest way to handle it is to call the dentist immediately. Taking the child in for a check-up will most probably be advised. If the tooth has been knocked out completely, put into water or milk and take it straight to the dentist along with the child – that way, if reimplantation is an option, the tooth will be in good condition still.

Being a mom is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Your children are your responsibility. Have them smiling with healthy teeth – show them off to the world.

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