Preventing Dental Emergencies

Preventing dental emergencies

We all know the old saying “prevention is better than cure”, and dental emergencies can be very uncomfortable indeed, even if you are able to get treatment quickly. Try these tips to limit your dental work to routine dentist’s visits and keep your teeth healthy for longer.

Go for regular checkups

regular check-ups at your dentist in Vancouver, BC

Everybody knows that one should visit a local Vancouver dentist at least every six months, but very few people actually do this. As a result, lurking dental problems in the making, such as the early stages of tooth decay or hairline cracks in teeth go undetected. The result? Dental emergencies and far more extensive dental work than would have been necessary if the problem had been addressed sooner. If you have generally healthy teeth, you can stretch your time between checkups a little further.

Practice correct oral hygiene

Correct oral hygiene

A lot of preventable dental problems occur because the vast majority of people don’t practice proper oral hygiene. Although most people brush their teeth regularly, few concentrate on their brushing technique. As for flossing, a recent survey showed that 27% of people lie to their dentist about flossing, and only 40% of people actually floss every day. However, there are some who believe that even the 40% figure is too high, and estimate flossers as being only 20% of the population.

Don’t chew hard or sticky foods

Sticky food

Toffees, crackling, ice and other hard or sticky foods are great at removing fillings. A weakened tooth can also crumble, crack or break through chewing on hard or sticky things. If you like toffees, suck them rather than biting into them, and avoid the really hard foods altogether. Otherwise, you might ended up visiting an emergency dentist in Vancouver on the weekend!

Avoid using your teeth instead of tools

dentist warns not to use your teeth as tools

Although the temptation may be great, avoid using your teeth as scissors. You can damage your tooth enamel, crack or break a tooth or even loosen it by trying to rip open packaging with your teeth. Keep a pair of scissors in your kitchen drawer and a handy pair of folding scissors in your bag or car cubby hole so that you can open packages the smart way and avoid a dental emergency.

Wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports

mouth guards - dentist recommends

The rough and tumble of the sports field can be hard on teeth. Front teeth are especially likely to be damaged when playing contact sports, so play like a pro and include a mouth guard in your sporting kit. Sure, we can fix your smile, but it would be far better to keep it intact in the first place!

Beware of drinking out of glass bottles – especially on the move

avoid drinking from glass bottle

Just one slip, jostle or bump can be all it takes to send the lip of your glass bottle crashing into your front teeth. If you’re lucky, it will just be a jarring experience, but all too often, a slip with a glass bottle ends in chipped, cracked or broken teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, a good dentist prefers to help you to avoid dental issues and expensive dentistry, so work with your dentist to avoid dental emergencies and preserve your pearly whites for longer by using these common-sense tips.

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